Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Bucket of spaghetti

A drive-through Italian restaurant just opened in Kansas City, and it sells spaghetti by the bucket. Seriously. A bucket. It's like a one-gallon ice-cream bucket filled with spaghetti. Jay has been absolutely thrilled by the idea of the spaghetti in a bucket, because he always loves feeling that he got a "deal". For $19.99, you get the spaghetti bucket, a second bucket filled with sauce and meatballs, an entire loaf of garlic bread, and a giant box of salad.

Last weekend we were pretty excited to get the bucket deal, never mind that we're a tiny family of three and one of us weighs 37 pounds, never mind that this bucket deal is probably a glaring symbol of everything that's wrong with America. We wanted the bucket. The three of us ate our fill of spaghetti, and the bucket still appears to be completely full. I swear, no matter how much we eat, the level of spaghetti in the bucket does not go down. My two scientific theories are 1) It's an enchanted bucket that refills itself or 2) The noodles are constantly giving birth to more noodles. Do they reproduce asexually, like Jabba the Hutt? We don't know.

I've given up on eating the spaghetti, but Jay continues to eat the leftovers, trying to get the most out of the spaghetti deal. We have no room in our fridge anymore, because the fridge has been taken over by the buckets. Remember the time Homer Simpson became obsessed with an enormous sub sandwich and kept it for months and months until he could finish eating it? It's exactly like that.

I'll update you next month and let you know if the noodle level has gone down.

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