Tuesday, August 25, 2009

The tooth, the whole tooth ...

WCK had her six-month dental checkup this morning. If you'll remember, her last dental checkup was a little bit, um, traumatizing, mostly for me and for the poor hygienist, who probably decided to switch careers and/or developed a drinking problem because of my child.

Today, though, WCK did a great job. I was so proud. She got into the chair, squeezed her eyes shut, opened her mouth wide, and let the hygienist go to work. She didn't have any cavities, and -- here's the big news -- she has two loose teeth! I know she's pretty young for that, but I started losing teeth at her age, and the dentist said it was OK. Now we just have to wait for the teeth to fall out and for the Tooth Fairy to arrive. The consensus seems to be that the Tooth Fairy leaves $1. Anyone heard anything different?

After the dental visit, I then had to make good on the heavy-duty bribes I had promised beforehand. If I were in charge of the world, I'd make insurance pay for the bribes we offer our children to get them to behave at the dentist and doctor's office. Do you know how much harder it would be to vaccinate so many children against contagious diseases if not for the promise of McDonald's? It's for the good of the nation. I know I'm not alone in the bribing. I've noticed that our local pediatric urgent-care is actually connected to a Toys R Us. Seriously. That must bring in tons of business.

Anyway. We went out to lunch at Panera, and then she was able to pick out one small thing at the above-mentioned Toys R Us. She picked out a "Puppy Pals" game for her little ClickStart computer. WCK's cousin has Puppy Pals for her computer, and WCK has been pining away for it since July. You can dress the computerized puppy in little outfits, including an eye patch, a big floppy straw hat, and a moustache. Worth every penny.


Kathy from NJ said...

A dollar is fine. Please keep an envelope of singles somewhere specifically for this purpose; I have heard of tooth fairies who run out of singles and end up leaving a five or ten.

Anonymous said...

I would think $1 or maybe $5 considering I got $1 back in the early 80's. I hear of kids getting $20 which I think is outrageous. I always wonder what happens when word gets out about that... kids with reasonable parents will think the tooth fairy hates them!