Wednesday, August 05, 2009

She's got the write stuff ... bush baby!

Last spring, WCK's preschool teacher told me that WCK was a little behind in learning to write her name. Because of this, WCK and I have been working very hard this summer on learning to write her name and the other letters of the alphabet. Rather, I've been working very hard to convince her to write the letters, and she's been mostly scribbling or ignoring me or doing whatever she wants.

I've had the feeling that WCK could write the letters, she just chose not to, much like The Great Learning-to-Walk Fiasco of 2006.

She's been piddling around with this letter-writing thing, and I was envisioning her not being able to start kindergarten until she's 25. Then, over the weekend, we were visiting a children's farm that has an old-fashioned schoolhouse equipped with little chalkboard slates and chalk. WCK picked up the chalk and casually wrote her own name, followed by "Mom", and "Dad", just like that. She could write all along! I knew it!

Today, she wrote what I consider her first real, non-name word. She carefully printed, "BUSH BABY."

She started liking bush babies a couple weeks ago, when her Grandma Kathy got her a book about nocturnal animals. She loves nocturnal animals, because they don't have bedtimes. This is a bush baby:

Although, if you Google "bush baby", this photo comes up, too:


Diane, Nick, Maren, and Jenna said...

I love picturing WCK just casually writing her name after months of cajoling her to do it. I also find it hilarious that she loves the bush babies!

Brother Ted said...

What a wonderful story. I am reminded of my boys at the same age doing much the same. My youngest took it to greater heights in High School. He barely passed his first three years with C's and D's and the made the honor roll in his senior year. When asked how he had accomplished this feat he responded, "I just wanted to show them that I could have done it all along." Parenting, such a trip.