Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Nobody's perfect

Hannah Montana continues to slowly creep into our lives. WCK now owns the following:

1. Hannah Montana microphone that plays "The Best of Both Worlds". We had a few weeks of peace when the batteries died out. Then, during a moment of weakness, I purchased new batteries. Must. Resist. Hannah. Montana. Alas, I cannot.

2. A book filled with hundreds of Hannah Montana stickers.

3. Hannah Montana socks and underwear.

4. A Hannah Montana purse that lights up.

5. A Hannah Montana CD that plays over and over and over in the car. And over. And over.

6. Boxes of Hannah Montana cereal. I didn't even know they made Hannah Montana cereal, but the evil demons in charge of grocery-store marketing put it exactly at the eye level of a four-year-old. They're diabolical.

The cereal is actually not that bad. It consists of fruity-flavored pink and purple puffs, and the box includes horoscopes with fashion tips. They are actually called "Fashionscopes". Here is my Fashionscope: "The challenge of being the first born in the zodiac is to be a fashion leader, not a follower. Get out in front of fashion trends, and be fearless."

It's eerie, really. Ask anyone who knows me: I am best known for my fearless fashion leadership. Just the other morning, I went out to get the paper in neon-pink flip flops, striped pajama pants, and a New Kids on the Block concert t-shirt when there were actual neighbors outside. That's pretty fearless.

Back to Hannah: WCK's favorite song on the CD is called "Nobody's Perfect." The other day she decided to sing it while I made a video on the digital camera. The lyrics go, "Nobody's perfect! Ya live and ya learn it!"

Now imagine WCK jumping around the living room dramatically with her little microphone, as serious as can be, singing her heart out: "Nobody's perfect! I'M GETTIN' ALLERGIC!!"

Oh, dear. I hope she's gettin' allergic to the cereal, because I'm not sure how many more Fashionscopes I can read.


Jen said...

We were in the grocery store today and Katie started talking about Hanna Montana. I was like "What? Where is this coming from?" It is starting...soon I will have no control over anything...

Mental note to self: avoid cereal aisle when shopping with her

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