Monday, August 03, 2009


Jay and WCK drew some pictures over the weekend. Here is WCK's drawing of the Rancor Monster from Return of the Jedi:

Jay drew this:

I asked him why Batman was eating a banana. I was quickly informed that Batman is holding a Batarang. WCK could not believe how lame I was. How could I not know it was a Batarang? I spent a good half-day listening to, "Why did you think Batman was eating a banana, Mama? Why? Didn't you know it was a Batarang, Mama? Why didn't you know that? Why?"

Also, if you look very closely at the Batman drawing, you can see the drawing that's on the other side of the paper: ships blowing up the Death Star.

Before you think I am mocking Jay's drawing, you should see a painting that I made over the weekend. It's supposed to be Dorothy and Toto. Note that poor Toto is floating several inches above the Yellow Brick Road and Dorothy appears to have an Amish beard:

I hope that either a) WCK overcomes my art gene or b) any art classes she takes are pass/fail.

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