Thursday, July 30, 2009

Have some pie.

I had my first blood test after quitting Rev, and my M-spike is up to 2.0. It was 1.7 in May. At first, Jay and I freaked out, and then we decided not to freak out because

1. Of course it is going to go up slightly. I'm drug-free. Do I wanna be drug-free, or do I wanna have a slightly lower M-spike? I wanna be drug-free.

2. It's up a little bit, but it's not like it's Cancer Cells Gone Wild in there. It's not like they're rolling a keg up the lawn going, "Woo! The Revlimid went out for the evening! Let's trash the house and drive the car into the lake and go streaking!! Woo!!" It's more like, "Oh. I believe the Revlimid is gone. Let's have some pie."

3. Maybe they'll all have their pie and go to sleep, and it'll stop going up.

4. Maybe?

The nurse said all of my other numbers were really good, and my beta-2 microglobulin was pretty low at 0.9 (that's good). Let's just ignore Spike until September, shall we?

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LaCootina said...

Ooh, I'm so happy for you and believe me, if anyone appreciates the bliss of being OFF the monster drugs, c'est moi. I meet with my doc in a few days, after a month off chemo, and hope for similar results: no cancer-palooza, but perhaps, a small slice o' pie.

P.S. Got the exact same charming form letter from Dennis. "Great blog!"