Friday, June 12, 2009

VBS dropout ... no graduation day for you

WCK and I spent this week at Vacation Bible School at our church. WCK attended the preschool class, and I helped out on the snack committee every morning. Actually, on the first morning I was sent to the gym to help out with the games, and I was pretty relieved when I got to rejoin the snack committee for the rest of the week. Simply being back in an elementary-school gym filled with dodge balls and an actual gym teacher -- even though the gym teacher was a very sweet lady -- was enough to give me secret panic attacks.

I think there is something wrong with me.


WCK had a few moments when she did not want to go to her class by herself, she was completely terrified of the daily skits performed by the high schoolers, and she absolutely would not get up on stage to sing during the evening program. Other than that, though, we really did have a very good time. WCK made some really cool crafts, and I did witness her singing and dancing on stage during music time on Wednesday morning. I'm surprised by how good of a time we had. I'm sure we will do it again next year.

I wasn't sure what to expect from Vacation Bible School. My church didn't have Vacation Bible School when I was a kid. One summer when I was probably a little bit older than WCK, my mom tried sending me to VBS at a nearby Lutheran church with a neighbor girl who was my age. At some point, somebody -- probably the 5-year-old neighbor girl, although my memory of this event is pretty vague -- gave me the impression that I really should not be going to the Lutheran VBS because of my non-Lutheran-ness. I began to imagine all of the Lutherans eyeing me with suspicion. Whether it was because of my Lutheran-suspicion-paranoia or some other reason, I decided I did not like VBS, and my mom let me drop out after a day or two.

Look at me now. I've gone from VBS dropout to ... a member of the snack committee. A snack committee member wields a lot of power. I now have the skills to make snakes out of hot dogs, cucumbers, and carrots for 300 people at a moment's notice. Take that, Lutherans!

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