Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Wicked monkey cakewreck

We spent Memorial Day Weekend in Omaha. My sister-in-law got tickets to Wicked, and we had a girls' afternoon out. (Older girls -- WCK is a little too young for Wicked.) I loved the play, although I had some issues with the way it changed some Oz history. Yes, Oz is a real place with a real history, and if you disagree, I will drop a house on you.

We also went to the Omaha zoo, where we rode the new Skyfari ride and WCK picked out this beautiful mask from the gift shop. I love you, Dr. Zaius!

We also celebrated Jay's birthday. WCK has been begging to make Jay a Batman birthday cake for weeks. We found a little Batman candle holder at Target, and my mom bought some squeeze icing so we could write "Happy Birthday, Jay" (or something) on top of the cake. When we were all ready to get decorating, we realized that we didn't have the plastic writing tips necessary for the frosting, so it all came out in one big ooze. We did the best we could:

My mom wrote "JAY" and WCK did the rest. I have to say, the red stuff looks kind of like The Joker's face, or maybe it's an abstract representation of the angst felt by the citizens of Gotham City. This is a cake that works on many levels.

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mplsdeanna said...

Can I play the piano anymore?
Of course you can!
Well, I couldn't before!

Thanks for putting THAT into my head.