Monday, May 11, 2009

Holiday road

It's official. Dr. H gave me the OK: I finish up this cycle of Revlimid, and then I am done. DONE.

Well, I'm done at least for now. I will most likely have to go back on Revlimid or a similar drug sometime again in the future, and my arch-enemy Dex still looms on the horizon. There's no way to tell how long I'll be able to be drug-free. Months? Years? When I stop the pills, I'm going to be back to my old "smoldering" state, where I have checkups every two months, and I'll get treatment again when the myeloma starts looking like it's about to do something bad to me (drops my blood counts, looks like it could harm my bones or kidneys, etc.)

For now, though, let's warm up the Family Truckster: I'm gonna be on vacation!


John Wagner said...

Karen, fantastic news!!! I really am happy for you. I vote for years and years! Congratulations and enjoy the vacation. May it be the best drug holiday vacation you have ever been on. Take pictures and write often. :)

jay's mom said...

Glad to hear the good news! It is well deserved. Happy travels!

Cassie said...

Awesome news! Enjoy the freedom. =)

Anonymous said...

Have a ball on your drug holiday!!