Friday, April 03, 2009

Told you so!

I was really excited last month when my M-spike suddenly dropped down to 1.1, but I kept saying to myself that it just didn't seem right. It had to be a fluke or some kind of a lab error. Looks like I was right; this month it is 1.5 again. Sure, I'm disappointed that it didn't keep going down, but I know that 1.5 is still totally OK.

Stable, stable, stable.


Anonymous said...

Karen ,
Through out the 1.1 as lab error and the M spike is still down from the 1.6 of the previous month
ps hope the kitty is ok

John said...

I attended an IMF Workshop recently. The oncologist there was saying M-Spikes in the mid-twos were not a problem as long as the numbers were stable.

I'm wondering about your cat also.