Tuesday, April 21, 2009

More quick thinking

The other day, WCK announced that she was going to name all of her stuffed animals either "Poop" or "Pee". I thought this was pretty funny, but I had to pretend to be a mature mother, and I told her that it was extremely bad manners to call anyone "Poop" or "Pee". We needed to have this talk several times.

Today she was playing with a little plastic frog that she picked up at the Pet Expo. I asked her what his name was.

"It's Poo .... h Bear."

Nice save.


Lut said...

Hello CC, thanks for posting your experience with MM.
I liked reading about how you deal with it and love your humour.
I was diagnosed with MM in 2004, had the standard treatment with an autologus transplant (was then a 41 years 'old'woman ) and I remained in complete remission till now. Only having Zometa (biphosphonate)every 6 months (+ Livial for the menopauze + Steovit= calcium, I have a fracture in my left foot since Oct 2008 = osteoporosis)
Only wanted to tell you that there is HOPE ! Even if you got a lot of medication. Keep up the good spirit ! A big hug from Belgium

Lut said...

Ps : my problem after the transplant was that the 'poop' kept coming in the form of 'pee' for some 6 weeks, which wasn't pleasant at all.
But now that's history ;-)
If you want to know more, feel free to mail me. Now I live more without thoughts about MM, but my partner and I and my sisters go to the seminars of the patient's organization cmp-vlaanderen.be twice a year and saturday it was in Kortrijk (not far from Bruges)
There the specialist explain about MM and you can put all your questions. There are still new medicins to come, so we stay hopefull !
(My appologies for the bad English, we normally write and speak Dutch ;-)

Anonymous said...

Karen ,
I came across this warning about Green Tea use in MM and wanted to pass it along.

Anonymous said...

I am sorry if that link did not work , Here is a better one with links off the page