Wednesday, April 08, 2009

The carpet project continues

As I mentioned before, we're getting new carpet in our house in a couple of days. I am very excited to be getting rid of the yucky carpet, but this whole thing has turned into quite a project, as I'm trying to clean out closets and get all of the books and little knickknacks out of the way so the furniture can be moved. Fortunately, the Carpet Guys from Nebraska Furniture Mart will move all of the big furniture. Today, the Head Carpet Guy called and told me all of the things the Carpet Guys could not move: big-screen TVs, Foosball tables, pool tables, and grandfather clocks.

So I guess if you've just won the Showcase Showdown on The Price is Right, you're out of luck.


mplsdeanna said...

I've been laughing about this post for an entire day now.

Jen said...

We put new carpet in a few years ago, and whenever I think about moving again, two things are firmly in the "NO WAY" column - now that I have new carpet and a new roof, I have no desire to experience all the fun again any time soon.

Keep an eye on the carpet guys. Ours caused a bunch of damage to the baseboards, but we were never able to get reimbursed for it because the company had subcontractor with another company, etc. It was a whole mess that I decided to not deal with.

But new carpet is wonderful!!!