Saturday, March 28, 2009

Let's roll

You'd think nothing could top WCK's first trip to the bowling alley, but you'd be wrong. On Wednesday, we made WCK's first trip to the roller-skating rink. I have to say that I was really scared to go. I had visions of screaming and tears and constant falling and broken bones -- and that was all on my part. Don't get me started on what I thought would happen to WCK. It turned out to be the FUNNEST. TIME. EVER.

A nearby roller-skating rink opens up one morning a week just for preschool-aged kids. The moms are allowed on the rink in regular shoes to hold the kids' hands. The little skates also appear to be rigged so the wheels don't turn very fast. They shine all of the disco lights and play a mix of Disney music. They even played "Let's Get Together" from The Parent Trap, which has to be one of the greatest Disney movies of all time. At the end of skating, all of the kids got to sit down on the rink and eat a little dish of goldfish crackers and drink a cup of Sprite. WCK has never had pop before so she refused to drink the Sprite, but she still had a splendid time.

I haven't been roller skating since the '80s, but it seemed to be exactly the same, right down to the decor. The only thing that was missing was a couples skate to Journey's "Open Arms". Maybe next time.

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Anonymous said...

This sounds identical to a roller-skating rink I take the boys to in town. Right down to the goldfish and pop. I do worry about the broken bones though.. :) Jen McD