Tuesday, March 03, 2009

I like the dinosaurs better

WCK has recently developed an interest in My Little Pony. This is unusual, because she usually doesn't care about "girly" toys. She mostly plays with dinosaurs, cars, trains, animals, things like that. She does have a dollhouse, but the dinosaurs live in it.

Last week, before I took her to the Demon Dental Appointment, I'd told her that we could go to Barnes and Noble afterward and pick out a book. I figure if you have to endure a stranger prying your jaw open, you should get some kind of reward, even if you do scream all the way through it. WCK picked out a My Little Pony book called "Pinky Pie's Spooky Dream", which is just the kind of high-quality children's literature you'd expect from that title.

I never really played with My Little Pony as a kid, so I'm just now learning about the whole series. From what I can tell, the ponies are a group of pastel-colored horses with Farrah Fawcett hairdos and stripper names who live in some kind of magical pony land. Their hobbies include baking cupcakes despite not having any thumbs, getting makeovers so that boys will like them, and cheating on math tests, because, of course, math is really hard for girls. Perhaps after dark they are indeed strippers; we haven't read that many of the books yet.

I gained most of this My Little Pony info from watching videos of the 1980s cartoon on YouTube. The first video we watched was about the ponies getting dates for a roller-skating dance contest. I didn't realize at first that some of the ponies in the pony land were boy ponies. I watched for the first several minutes in surprise and confusion, wondering why so many ponies in a Saturday-morning cartoon from the '80s were lesbians.

No, it turned out that some of the ponies were boys, and the girls were going to get makeovers to impress them. I liked the lesbian plotline a lot better, although I suppose it makes sense that some of the ponies have to be boys; otherwise, the whole My Little Pony race would die out, and that would be bad. In theory.


mplsdeanna said...

This is my all-time favorite AOCG post (so far).

Sunshine said...

You really need to publish this stuff!!
You are a fabulous writer.
.. And of course your daughter is a delight.

Anonymous said...

I cannot agree more. I have kept up with your blog for a couple of years now and it is just what I need when I've had a bad day. When I go to your site and there isn't a new post, I just re-read the last few. Your sense of humor is amazing. Sometimes I sit at the kitchen table and laugh so hard I cry. My husband asks me what I'm reading and I read him the post and he doesn't laugh -- It's like he doesn't get it. The best part -- I don't care. I love it! I get it!

Motherhood Mayhem said...

You crack me up!

Karen's Sister said...

WCN loves the little pony toys, but we definitely prefer to limit her interaction with pony videos. The ones from the 80s are just plain freaky!

Rachel said...

I played with a LOT of my little ponies when I was a kid. I never actually watched any videos or cartoons tho. I don't know if my way was very typical either. (probably not!) I had the MLP castle. My ponies often had to defend the castle from a siege, evacuate because of a natural disaster, or pull siege engines/evacuation wagons made out of things like tissue boxes. There were no boy ponies in my world, but they did have good hair at all times.