Wednesday, March 04, 2009

Happy birthday, dear Garland

Today, WCK and I threw a birthday party for Garland, our cat. She turned 12. Technically, Garland's birthday is not until tomorrow. At least, that's what the humane society told me 12 years ago. Can you know when a cat's actual birthday is, really? Anyway, I'd promised WCK that we could have a birthday party for Garland, but today I saw in the newspaper that the weather is supposed to be really, really nice tomorrow. I decided I'd rather be at the park tomorrow instead of inside, celebrating a cat's birthday, so I lied to both WCK and Garland and told them the birthday was today. Neither one saw through my ruse. In fact, the birthday honoree didn't seem to be particularly aware that a party was going on. WCK was thrilled beyond belief.

We decorated a banner that says, "Happy Birthday, Garland!", hung up some balloons, and gave Garland a new toy that looks like a fish. Then WCK and I "baked" a "cake" just for the two of us. Yes. Have you seen these single-serving microwavable cakes? I think they are the greatest invention ever for a) three-year-olds who insist that they can bake a cake all by themselves, despite the fact that you'd never trust them with eggs and they run screaming from electric mixers and b) mothers who would rather not be home alone all day with the leftovers from a full-size cake. You simply add the cake mix and a little bit of of water to a little bowl and microwave it for a minute. You end up with a tiny little cake. It is by no means gourmet; in fact, it has sort of an E-Z-Bake Oven quality to it, but it is cake nonetheless. It comes with a pouch of frosting.

And, no, Garland was not allowed to eat the cake. She didn't care. She just wanted to go back to sleep.

It was a fun time. I might lie about it being Garland's birthday several times a year now, just so we can have the little cake.

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