Thursday, March 12, 2009

Cycle 23

Tonight I start Cycle 23 of Revlimid, this time on the 5 mg pills. Again, I was so excited to have them delivered, because I wondered what new color they'd be. I opened the package right away, only to find that they were plain, boring white, just like the 25 mg capsules. Unlike the enormous 25 (and even 15 and 10) mg capsules, though, they are teeny tiny little baby pills! You know how everything is so breathtakingly cute when it is in miniature form, like baby clothes or dollhouse furniture or cocktail weenies or chihuahuas? Well, these pills are simply darling. I almost feel bad swallowing them. I just want to dress them up in teeny little bonnets and look at them all day.

If they didn't cost the insurance company almost $8,000, maybe I would.

1 comment:

Sunshine said...

May those adorable little darlings do their best work for you!!