Thursday, February 12, 2009

Party planning

First of all, I didn't clarify that yesterday's posting was in honor of the Nov. 11 anniversary of the New Kids on the Block concert. I wouldn't go around posting videos of Shirtless Jordan for no reason at all. That would be silly and immature. Marking the anniversary of a New Kids concert on a monthly basis ... well, that's what sensible, 33-year-old people do, right?

Anyway. Today I went to the Valentine's Day party at WCK's school. It was exciting, because I got to be on the Party-Planning Committee:

Actually, there were a lot of parents on the Valentine Party-Planning Committee -- pretty much everyone who didn't make the cut to be on the Christmas Party-Planning Committee -- so I don't know how much I actually contributed. It was still fun. I was amazed to see WCK in her school environment. Her teacher must be a miracle worker. A room of 18 three-year-olds sat perfectly still and waited for everyone to be seated and say a group prayer before they touched the snacks sitting right in front of them. Then, when everyone was done eating, each child asked if they could please be excused and cleaned up without being asked.

Does this happen at our house? Um. No. It does not.

P.S. Tonight I start Cycle 22 of Revlimid. I'm again too lazy to take a photo; you'll just have to picture those blue-and-white pills in a humorous situation. Water skiing? Attending an opera? Wearing lingerie? Let me know what you imagine!


Beth said...

Can you photoshop those pills to make them do anything I want?

Karen's Mom said...

Dad says the pills are dressed in little Rambo outfits, ready to attack.

I saw a tiny Creighton basketball team (colors blue and white)doing a SLAM-DUNK!

Thus the entertainment preferences of your parents...