Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Meet the Monk Monks

When I was a little, my very favorite stuffed animal in the whole world was a sock monkey named Monk Monk. I loved Monk Monk. He went everywhere with me and suffered years of abuse. I still have him. When I saw a brand new sock monkey at Target, I thought it would be a perfect Valentine's Day gift for WCK.

WCK was thrilled with her sock monkey and told me she was going to name him Monk Monk II. Actually, I think she meant, "I'm going to name him Monk Monk, too", but I need to add the II to avoid confusion, you know. I mean, what if I yell, "Monk Monk!" and they both come running? Chaos.

This morning, I was able to photograph both monkeys in their natural habitat. Here they are. What a pair:

I never realized how ragged Monk Monk I looked until I saw him next to young, robust Monk Monk II. As you can see, one of his eyes is missing. It also appears that the corner of his mouth was re-crocheted at some point, and Jay says he looks like Heath Ledger as The Joker.

I think Monk Monk II looks a little bit worried, maybe because he has to visit Monk Monk I in the Old Sock Monkeys' Home all the time and listen to him ramble on.

"Back in my day," says Monk Monk I, "sock monkeys were allowed to have choking-hazard button eyes. And everyone wore jazzy clown suits. We didn't run around naked, like you crazy kids do nowadays! That's the way it was, and we liked it!"

"Sure, Grandpa," says Monk Monk II, casually hiding some anti-anxiety meds in Monk Monk I's mashed bananas. "Just try to take a nap before The Price is Right comes on."

Fun times. I'm so glad we have a multi-generational family.

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Karen's mom said...

I would have commented 10 minutes ago, but I was too busy catching my breath! I just had a 3 day visit with the Monk Monks, and one of them gave me a cold, making it harder to laugh and breath at the same time!

I must explain the etomology of the name Monk Monk. Karen's step-great-grandmother's 70 year old nephew Doug(are you with me?) had the original Monk Monk as a child. At one point his parents decided to take Monk Monk away either because Doug was getting too old to play with him or Monk Monk had ripened to a similar state as Monk Monk I. Doug's parents told him A BURGLAR HAD COME IN THE HOUSE AND STOLEN MONK MONK!! To this day, his whereabouts are unknown.