Monday, February 02, 2009

The box

Nearly every year when I was in elementary school, we'd have a Valentine-mailbox-designing contest. I always desperately wanted to win this contest. I never did. In fifth grade, I made a mailbox that looked like a house, complete with a heart-shaped yard and a little toothpick picket fence with hearts on it. I was sure that would win, but it did not. The next year, I went with a box covered in shiny pink paper with plastic teddy bears glued to it. As an 11-year-old girl in the '80s, I truly believed that this had to be the greatest mailbox design ever. Alas, I still did not win.

All those years ago, I thought my losses were a huge travesty of justice. Today, I helped WCK make a Valentine mailbox for preschool, and I started to wonder if those judges had a point.

WCK is having a Valentine party at school on the 12th, and everyone has to have their mailboxes and their Valentines "turned in" by the 10th. I figured we had better get moving, since we'll also need to write WCK's name on 17 Valentines after the box is done, and that could take days. I love that the teacher always arranges for things way in advance. Could it be that most preschool mothers tend to be scatterbrained and/or slow? Not me, of course. Others.

Anyway, my plan was to cover a shoebox in white paper and then let WCK go to town on it with markers and stickers. WCK did an excellent job with her part of the decorating; hopefully this will cover up my pitiful, pitiful wrapping job. The upside is that the teachers might think that WCK actually wrapped the box by herself, too. Maybe she'll win the "You Obviously Didn't Have Any Help From Your Mother" Award. Hey, any Valentine mailbox award in the family would make me proud.


Jen said...

OH, I totally remember those valentine boxes. One year I made a vacuum cleaner box. I don't ever remember winning or not winning though. They were fun to make!

Karen's mom said...

I had fun shopping with you for the materials on those Valentine boxes. Did we take any pictures?