Thursday, January 22, 2009

We must be up inside the cyclone!

When I was a little girl, I went to a car wash with my late grandma. This was an exciting experience, and hugely extravagant, because my parents believed in washing our car themselves with the hose and a bucket of dish soap, the way God intended. My dad is a firm believer in never paying for something he could easily do himself. Someday, when he "passes out of the picture", as my family likes to say, he will find a way to return from the Great Beyond to dig his own grave. Yes, it is physically impossible, but it is cheaper. "Never let the Laws of Nature stop you from saving money," would be my dad's motto.

Anyway, while I was in the amazing car wash with my grandma all those years ago watching the assorted car-wash doo-dads spin and churn and shake the car, she told me this is what it sounded like when Dorothy was up inside the tornado. Of course, this managed to make the car wash even cooler. To this day, whenever I take the car to get it washed (because I didn't inherit my dad's Thrifty Gene), I still pretend I am Dorothy, even if it is just for a split second. I was at the car wash today, and it squirted out multi-colored soap all over my windows. Yes, there were tiny rainbows, Wizard-of-Oz rainbows, if you will, all over the car. I think this was a message from my grandma: "See? Isn't this better than using the hose?"

Sometimes in life, you just gotta go to the car wash.

P.S. As you might imagine, WCK is terrified of the car wash. I tried using the Dorothy story on her, but she was not impressed. I can only wash the car when she's in school. Maybe sometime, she and Grandpa can wash the car with the hose.


Anonymous said...

Being the Grandma now, I told my grandson, Logan, the same story about the car wash. He looked at me and said, "That's silly." I asked why? He said, "There no cow, rowboat, or witch. It's only a car wash!" So much for Nanny and her stories. She would have so loved these GREAT grandchildren. Aunt Margie

Anonymous said...

Are You still up in the cyclone Dorothy.
We all miss Your post