Thursday, January 15, 2009

"I cannot go to school today," said little Peggy Ann McKay

WCK has come down with -- in my expert medical opinion -- the Plague. Actually, she is doing a little better this morning than she was yesterday, but she was running a fever yesterday and was up a lot in the night, so I kept her home from preschool. Today is her first official Sick Day from school in her life.

When I was in school, sick days always made me nervous. Yes, I always welcomed the chance to spend a school day lying on the couch watching The Price is Right, but I always had a little bit of paranoia in the back of my mind. What if today was the one day that something really cool happened at school, and I was going to miss it? What if there was a surprise assembly featuring Weird Al Yankovic and Alvin and the Chipmunks? What if the class learned something really, really important on that one day and then never reviewed it, leaving me forever behind everyone else for the rest of my life? This is what I thought about during Price is Right commercial breaks.

I have those same fears today for WCK. I feel very nervous about her missing school. I know that her class is studying the letter K right now. What if, because of this sick day, she never learns the letter K? For the rest of her life, she'll recite the alphabet with a big chunk of confused silence between J and L. She'll never learn to spell her own mother's name. She'll forever pronounce the name of the animal "angaroo."

I think I need to calm down. What time does The Price is Right come on?


Jen said...

How is she handling it? (Since I clearly can see how you are handling it...) Garrett missed his first day last week, and he was pretty upset about it!

Karen's Sister said...

Oh, that actually happened to me in music class in Third grade. We were learning about the autoharp, and every kid got to strum a few notes on it. Well, I was going to be the very last one... for two weeks I watched all other kids do it and couldn't wait! But then I was sick. I foolishly thought that Mrs.Y would remember that I never got my turn and she'd let me try it out. Nope. To this day I have never had an opportunity to try the autoharp.

tim's wife said...

My hubby is almost 45 and still watches the "Price" when he is home
sick or not sick. It is a habit started way back in his school days too.
He was supposed to be writing
estimates the other day and just could not tear himself away. We need re-hab for "Price Junkies."

La Cootina said...

Oh, it never, ever occurred to me that I might miss something good or entertaining!