Thursday, January 08, 2009


I just finished watching the incredibly disturbing two-part episode of Little House on the Prairie (or LHOTP to us nerdy folk) where Laura has a baby brother. I can't even bear to type out what happens to the baby brother, so disturbing is this episode. At one point, Charles and Caroline take the sick baby brother to see a "specialist" in "Mankato." The name of the doctor is never mentioned on the show, but when I watched the credits, I saw that his name was "Dr. Mayo."

Hmm. It would have been exactly the right time period for the original Dr. Mayos (or would it be Drs. Mayo?) to have been around, but they would have been in Rochester at that time. Yes, I actually went online and researched this, because I don't have enough to do. I figure that when kids get to be around three and a half, they can pretty much raise themselves.

Now it's really bothering me that the Ingalls family went to Mankato when they could have gone to Rochester. Then again, the show's version of southern Minnesota involves mountains and year-round greenery (suspiciously like California), so I shouldn't expect the writers to be sticklers for detail. Plus, I suppose if I am going to buy Ernest Borgnine in the role of God, I should probably buy Dr. Mayo practicing in Mankato. With a microscope powered by candles. I guess.

I make fun of Jay for being a Trekkie, but it looks like I have a similar problem. What would I be? A Housie?


Karen's mom said...

Your great-grandmother, Goldie Hedrick Carter, was born near Mankato in 1891. I wonder if LHOTP's Dr. Mayo delivered her.

You are correct to say Drs. Mayo.

Tracy Dart said...

Hi Karen, I just happened upon your blog. I love it - and I love Little House on the Prairie. I have seen that same episode many times and I ball through the whole thing! Just wanted to tell you I was a Housie and currently battling Breast Cancer - I added your blog to my bloglist!
Cheers - and best of luck to you!

Michelle said...

I have been enjoying your blog for many months. There are many times I laugh until I have tears running down my cheeks. I do have to tell you about some very exciting news...hope you are sitting down...there is a musical coming to Denver called Little House on the Prairie - the Musical. That might be worth a trip to Denver. It doesn't open until December 22, 2009 and only runs until January 3, 2010. If this means I have to camp out overnight at the box office to get myself tickets, I will!

Karen's Sister said...

Karen, pack your bags. You know we're going to that musical. But its a 12-hour drive, you say? Oh yes. Who knows, maybe it will come to KC.

Beth said...

"I figure that when kids get to be around three and a half, they can pretty much raise themselves."

LOL! How true! My parents subscribed to that philosophy and look at me now!