Friday, January 30, 2009

Do it herself

WCK recently went through a phase where she insisted she needed help with everything, even things she could clearly do by herself. The most infamous incident occurred when she screamed bloody murder for me to come upstairs to her room, and then swore up and down that she ABSOLUTELY COULD NOT walk three feet to her bookshelf to get a book on her own. We had a standoff for about 15 minutes until she finally agreed to try walking the three feet.

Now, overnight, she has entered a phase where she insists she can do everything herself. Of course I want to encourage self-reliance, but it's a little extreme. Today I innocently opened her bedroom door, and she instantly collapsed on the floor sobbing, because she wanted to open the door herself. Can we find a happy medium here, WCK? Can we?

Today we were at Target, and I put our items on the checkout conveyor belt.

"WAIT!!" shrieked WCK. "I WANT TO PAY FOR IT!!!"

Wow. Think of all of the luxuries a preschooler's salary could buy.

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Brooke said...

I never know from one moment to the next if Aidan is going to play helpless or independent. And of course he always wants to be independent when we're in a hurry and helpless when I'm busy doing other things. Makes me batty!