Friday, January 02, 2009

Another visit to the Cancer Center

I was diagnosed with myeloma when WCK was six months old. This means that she'll never remember a time when I didn't have cancer. (I almost wrote, "she'll never remember a time when I was healthy", but I don't really consider myself "sick", so that's not exactly the right word.) She knows that I take a lot of medicine, that the medicine has to come from a special "delivery guy", that I go to the doctor all the time to have my blood checked, and that I have a special doctor in Minnesota. I don't think she realizes there is anything "wrong" with me, though. I'm guessing she assumes that everybody's mommy does these things.

I'm explaining all of this because I took WCK with me to my Cancer Center appointment today. Ideally, I like to go on my own because I enjoy the quiet reading time, but I've learned that taking her now and then is really not that bad. She was incredibly well-behaved (why she can't act this way in church, I do not know), and I think it is actually good for her to come with me from time to time. This way, she can see that my doctor's office is not some mysterious, scary place. She can see that it is actually very non-scary, and that I have a group of extremely nice nurses and doctors taking care of me. She also watches them take my blood, and she gets to see that it's pretty simple and painless.

Also, she seems to really cheer up all of the elderly people in the waiting room, so I kind of feel like I'm helping everyone out. Seriously.

Anyway, my blood counts were excellent, except for slightly low white cells again. Dr. GPO said my hemoglobin is so good (13.5! Woo!) that I can stop the iron supplements and see what happens. Yay! One less pill.


Kathy from NJ said...

In November my nephew took his 9month old daughter to visit my mother in the dementia/Alzheimer's ward of the nursing home. It was the best thing to happen to the residents in a long time, probably the best medicine they received that day. I am sure you made a lot of people happy by bringing WCK along with you.

Sunshine said...

Congratulations to you both.
I've always thought that a 3-year-old's view from the pew is pretty boring.. like sitting in a box with high sides.
congratulations on the well-earned award from Sweetie.

La Cootina said...

I agree: bringing WCK occasionally sounds like a win-win-win. Hooray for your good numbers!