Thursday, December 25, 2008

WCK can't go to college now because ...

... Jay got me the entire series of Little House on the Prairie on DVD. It's huge. It has 60 discs and comes in a case shaped like a covered wagon. I'm a little shocked.

Yes, I knew he was getting me something related to LHOTP, but I honestly assumed it would be, I don't know, one season on DVD or a book or something. If you'll recall, I mentioned how I coveted the giant set a few months ago, but no normal person would spend that much money on DVDs. Then again, are any hard-core Little House fans normal people? I once stood in line for hours in the blazing sun to meet the actor who played Almanzo, and I didn't see any normal people around me.

I alternate between feeling guilty and queasy over how much was spent on my gift and feeling a little giddy that I can watch the episode where Harriett takes over the town newspaper any time I want. Jay says I deserve it because I have to put up with him every day. Hmm. Putting up with Jay is not very difficult, but OK.

Anyway. Today I watched the one where Charles falls out of a tree and breaks his ribs and can't stack the sacks of grain for the evil feed-store owner. It was so good.


Karen's Sister said...

Wasn't it so nice to stand in line with the people waiting to meet Almanzo? We discovered that at last, we were not alone in the universe. And as a side note, WCN was been calling it, "Little Prairie in the House."

Mark and Nikki said...

I so want that series! Lucky you! Some of the discs are damaged when we check it out at the library and we have missed some critical episodes! Thanks for the Christmas photo!