Sunday, December 14, 2008


I love to be surprised, but I almost never am. For some reason, the people who give me gifts always tell me about them ahead of time. Today, Jay and WCK went out on a Secret Mission. When they got home, WCK ran upstairs excitedly to find me.


"Just don't tell me what it is," I said. "I'll be surprised on Christmas Day."

"OK," she said, and paused for about two seconds. "IT'S LITTLE HOUSE ON THE PRAIRIE!!"

She then started dancing around singing, "It's Little House on the Prairie!" over and over.

At least I don't know exactly what it is. Is it a book? A video? A tin cup with a shiny penny inside? I can't wait to be surprised.


Brooke said...

Does this mean when we sent you the care package at Mayo that you pretended to be surprised or does it actually make the list of one of the few actual surprises? If you pretended, I blame Jay:)

Elizabeth said...

When Jack was 16-months old we were Christmas shopping with Daddy. We split from him so I could buy him some underwear (romantic gift, I know). After selecting them and talking with Jack about it, we saw Spencer from the other side of the store. I said to Jack, "it's a surprise, so don't tell Daddy." He hesitated about three seconds and yelled across the store, "Underpants, Daddy! We got underpants!"