Thursday, December 04, 2008

Santa encounter!

In Christmases past, WCK was terrified of Santa. We only have one decent photo of her with The Big Guy. It was taken when she was six months old, and she was, technically, asleep.

This year, however, WCK has apparently learned how Santa operates. She's no longer afraid. She's working the system.

I will explain. Months ago -- maybe in August or September -- WCK saw a photo in a catalog of this set of toy Subway food:

She has been coveting the Subway set ever since. I told her that she was going to have to ask Santa to bring it. Since then, it's become her Red Ryder bb gun. She is obsessed with the Subway set. She looks for it at every store we go into. She brings it up multiple times a day. (As an Official Representative of Santa, I can tell you that she will be getting the Subway set on Christmas morning. I will be picking up pieces of fake lunch meat throughout 2009.)

Yesterday, we went to a Christmas puppet show at the library. When it got over, we had about an hour to kill before lunchtime, so I decided to stop off at Barnes and Noble so WCK could play with the train table. I didn't know that Santa was going to be visiting the children's department that morning.

There we were, minding our own business at Barnes and Noble, when Santa burst into the children's area. I expected WCK to have a heart attack or go screaming for the elevator. Instead she watched Santa with calculated interest. She waited for him to sit down and then she approached him cautiously. She waited for all of the other kids to take their turns, and then she marched up to Santa, got right in his face, and exclaimed, "I WANT THE SUBWAY SET!!!!"

Santa, who appeared to be a young, inexperienced Santa who was nervously trying to cover up the tattoo on his hand (B&N couldn't get him some gloves?), actually seemed a little intimidated by WCK. "Uh, sure," he said. "I'll have the elves start building that for you right now."

This was good enough for WCK. She took her free candy cane and marched off to the elevator. Mission accomplished.

Of course, I did not have my camera with me. Of course.

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