Saturday, December 13, 2008

Lazy newsletter

Nearly every year since Jay and I have been married, I've written a Christmas newsletter and sent it out with the cards. This year I was feeling lazy, plus I already write about our family almost every day in the blog. What more could I say in a Christmas letter? I finally decided to order some personalized postcard-like cards that I found for really cheap online, and I added a line that says something like, "For updates on our family, visit (the blog address)."

Would Miss Manners frown on this? Probably. I still thought it was a good idea, until I realized that I usually make our family sound semi-respectable and mature in the Christmas newsletter by pointing out all of the respectable things that we actually do (We volunteer at church! I'm the Community Service Director for my stay-at-home-moms group! Jay works really hard and is a computer genius! WCK wants to be an astronaut when she grows up!). When people visit the blog, though, what are they going to find? Videos of Jordan Knight with no shirt on.

I'd vow to start making the blog more respectable from now on ... but do you know how many Shirtless Jordan videos are available on YouTube? A lot.


Jen said...

I actually thought about just adding a line with my blog address to our cards also. And I've gotten very, very lazy about sending out my monthly emails to friends. I think - well, if they read my blog, they already know this! But good point about the respectable/responsible part. Don't make your blog too respectable, though...your stories are way too funny as-is!

Brooke said...

Heh. I actually added our blog address to our cards and then decided to take it out at the last minute. I thought about all the people who just might visit and/or remember the blog (like Mark's bosses, etc.) "Sorry Mark, we can't promote you this time because your wife is a raging lunatic and it might reflect poorly on the company." I'd have to edit myself and that's just no fun:)

Anonymous said...

Hello. I recently found your Christmas newsletter online using the “Google Alert” tool. I’m a writer in the preliminary research phase for a “how-to” book on writing holiday newsletters, with an emphasis on utilizing blogs and other new technology. I may be contacting you in a few months to find out if you would be willing to speak with me about how and why you write Christmas newsletters.

I have written my own Christmas newsletter for over 10 years, the “old-fashioned” way. However, I have created a “just-for-fun” group on Facebook that you’re welcome to join, called “Christmas Newsletter Writers: We're not evil, just communicative!”

Happy Holidays!

--Traci Suppa

Karen's Sister said...

Respectable = dull. Your blog is too much fun.

And, just to add a note to Brooke's comment. At my former institution (educational, not mental), there was an incident where a member of the faculty was in the middle of negotiating for the next year's contract. In the process, the department chair found out, through the faculty member's wife's blog, that the faculty member was also in the process of negotiating a contract with another institution. It then became clear he was using one institution's offer as leverage against the other. Needless to say, the negotiations at our institution ended abruptly and the faculty member left to accept his new job.

That probably made no sense, but it was a good lesson in keeping private things private.