Sunday, December 28, 2008

The case of the missing Grandpa and the headless maid

WCK's other big Christmas present was a Fisher-Price Loving Family Dollhouse. I picked it out because I thought it looked like a cute dollhouse; little did I know that every little girl in the whole entire world received one for Christmas this year. The house came with a mom, a dad, two baby twins, and a table and chairs. All other furniture and dolls are sold separately, and they were incredibly hard to find. After some searching (remember, Santa shops online), Santa found several rooms, and both of WCK's grandmas found a few rooms, and the house was complete.

Well, almost complete. We were able to find a doll set that came with a Grandma and an older brother, but we could not find Grandpa anywhere. After looking through the brochure that came with the dollhouse, we realized that Fisher-Price does not even make a Grandpa. Really? Why? Is Grandma a widow? Did she walk out on Grandpa? Is the "older brother" really Grandma's 25-year-old boyfriend? If you look closely at the mom and dad, you can see judgement in their eyes.

But after all the worry about finding the right people, WCK's favorite "person" in the house is the bathrobe stand that came with the bedroom set. You can see it in this photo:

WCK makes the bathrobe stand have all kinds of adventures. Earlier today, the bathrobe stand took the Loving Family's minivan downstairs and picked up some food at the Fisher-Price grocery store and took it back to the family. For some reason the bathrobe stand spends a lot of time cleaning the toilet (yes, the toilet came with a teeny little toilet brush), which makes me wonder if the stand is the family's maid. I say, if you're going to splurge for a maid, you might as well go all out and have the cleaning service send over one that has no head, so you can avoid any judgemental looks about the messy state of your bathroom.


A Mom said...

Re: The Headless Maid:
When the kids were little, they were captivated by this painting we saw at The University of Iowa. They called it The Knobheads.

You can find larger images on the web by doing a Google Image search for "Disquieting Muses."

Abigail said...

Well we have what we think is grandpa, although he does seem to have aged a little better than grandma. He comes with a toolbelt and some manly tools - see there's no way that's daddy in our house.

Nick said...

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Jen said...

Katie has this doll house (of course!) and we have a big sister along with the twins. No grandpa, though. Garrett's army men attack the house quite regularly.