Thursday, December 11, 2008

The anniversary

I was really sad when the NKOTB concert was all over and done with, and even sadder that I'd no longer be posting videos on the 11th of every month as part of my concert countdown.

Then I realized I could still post a video every 11th ... to celebrate the anniversary of the concert.

Don't worry. I'm sure YouTube will run out of NKOTB videos eventually.

In the meantime, have a funky, funky Christmas, everyone:


Abigail said...

Yeah! You made my night. How was that one month ago already? I think if you truly wanted to celebrate the spirit of the concert you should have shirtless Jordan Knight videos each month ;) Preferably from back in the 80s.

Karen's Sister said...

Wow, Arsenio Hall and a Jon-less NKOTB? Takes me back to the good ol' days when we kinda knew they were on their way out, but weren't sure what to think.

mplsdeanna said...

Yeah, where was the fifth guy?