Friday, November 14, 2008


Monday is my six-month checkup at Mayo already. Doesn't it seem like I was just there? I feel like I should go visit my stem cells and bring them flowers or something. I'm dreading hauling out the Pee Pod, but I will have good news to share with Dr. H: My latest M-spike came back at 1.6 again! I'm still stable! I've bought myself another month off dex, and possibly a conversation with Dr. H about tapering off the Revlimid. Keep your fingers crossed!

Maybe my blood has benefited from all of the positive New Kids vibes. Speaking of the New Kids, I can't get the song "Two in the Morning" out of my head. This is another song that I used to laugh at when I heard it in the car (actual lyrics: "Gotta know if you're mad at me before Grey's Anatomy"), but it was great in concert. Now I can't stop singing it. Remember a few months ago when I got "Summertime" stuck in my head until it became a borderline mental illness? It's exactly like that. WCK keeps yelling at me to stop singing. I don't really blame her.


Cassie said...

So, so glad to hear the good news!

John E. Smith said...

This is terrific news. It must be the Boys!