Sunday, November 02, 2008

Proof: Men do not notice what you are wearing, ladies

When I left for the grocery store today, WCK was in her room taking a "nap". (No sleep actually occurred during this "nap") She was wearing a long-sleeved brown shirt, jeans, a naptime Pull-up, and no shoes.

When I returned from the grocery store, WCK and Jay were watching football together in the living room. WCK was wearing a neon green t-shirt, pink sweatpants, a pair of bright blue Dora the Explorer underwear (sticking out of the pants), and a pair of brown shoes on the wrong feet. I laughed and asked Jay what was going on with WCK's outfit.

Jay was confused. Jay looked at me like I was insane. Jay had no idea that

a) what WCK was wearing was any different from what she had been wearing all morning, even though they'd spent most of the morning together and
b) that there was anything at all unusual about her outfit.

Obviously, WCK had changed her clothes herself during "naptime". She even pulled off her Pull-Up (which was thankfully clean and dry) and threw it on the floor. Her father did not notice. I asked him if he really thought I would dress her that way.

"Sure," he said. "I'd take her out in public in that outfit. What's wrong with it?"

The fact that I have the most fashion sense out of everyone in this family is chilling. Absolutely chilling.

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The Mama Monkey said...

Exactly why they should make garanimals not only for children, but for men as well. Seriously, it would sell!