Saturday, November 08, 2008

Hunter gatherer

Jay's work client right now is a pork company. I'm sure there's a more technical way to refer to them, but I'll just call them "pork company" because, well, they sell pork. He works in the Official Pork Company Building, and every once in a while they offer free meat to the employees. Jay says that someone will come over the PA system and announce that the free meat is available. Before the announcement is over, people are leaping from their desk chairs and sprinting wildly toward the promise of free meat.

Jay finally managed to sprint past the other hunters and lay claim to two racks of ribs. He brought home his fresh kill, and I cooked them up with an entire bottle of Gates sauce, like a good Kansas Citian.

It was just like Little House on the Prairie when Pa would go hunting and bring home the meat for the family. After dinner, Jay played the fiddle and I got scarlet fever and went blind.


Karen's Sister said...

Yum! Love that pork! I'd knock out a pack of Casual Friday hunters myself for free ribs. Did WCK play with her corncob baby while you darned socks and Jay played the fiddle?

Anonymous said...

Dear Karen:
I want you to know, with no uncertainty, that there is at least one person in this world, mainly me, who, when in need of a real life, hearty heart healing, something came out of my nose spontaneously type of cathartic laugh, will faithfully visit your blog.

I hope your blindness resolves, as well as your accent issues.

And most of all, I hope you are short one bra today.

Yours truly,