Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Good news from the north!

My Mayo appointment went very well. Dr. H was extremely happy with how I've been doing, and we now have an Official Plan to get me off the Revlimid, at least for a while. I already have my next batch of 15-mg pills for cycle 19, which starts in two days. Once I'm done with those, though, I will start taking 10-mg pills for three cycles. If I can remain stable for those three cycles, I will then start taking 5-mg pills. If the 5-mg pills keep me stable for three cycles, I CAN QUIT!!! This means it's possible that I'll be on a Revlimid break in about six months.

Also, since I'm no longer taking dex, Dr. H says I can quit the Coumadin right now and take an aspirin a day instead. I guess there's only a big risk of blood clots when you are taking Rev and dex together. Now I can stop wearing my medical alert bracelet, although I actually think I'll kinda miss it. It's pretty ... in a medical-alert bracelet kind of way. It can be my souvenir.

If I'm able to quit the Revlimid this spring, life will go back to the way it was when I had smoldering myeloma: No more pills, and I'll only need to see a doctor once every three months for blood tests.

It's all very exciting. Everyone cross your fingers for six months of stability.


jay's mom said...

This is the best news I've heard in a long time. Congratulations!!!

The Mama Monkey said...

What wonderful news!! Praying that you can take a well deserved break from it all!!

Don said...


Here's the list. I will be adding back some of the crossed-out ones, especially Co-Q10.


Cassie said...

Awesome, awesome news! Thank you for the updates. =)

Don said...

And fingers are crossed for you here!

John E. Smith said...


Thanks for sharing the good news. Best wishes going forward!


Karen's Sister said...

Late spring/early summer is a good time for a party. Maybe we should think positive and plan a farewell party for ole' Medic Alert.

Gina said...

Oh wow - gotta love that news near THANKSGIVING DAY! Hooray hooray!

Do you hear those optimistic voices?

You're out of the woods, You're out of the dark, You're out of the night.
Step into the sun, Step into the light.
Keep straight ahead for the most glorious place
On the Face of the Earth or the sky.
Hold onto your breath, Hold onto your heart, Hold onto your hope.
March up to the gate and bid it open ....

Anonymous said...

Karen ,
That is such great news
I am so happy for You
You will have a fantastic spring to look forward to.
I am also praying that You can take that break for a long long time
My Daughter is trying out for the school play, It is the wizard of oz shakespeare version. Should I protest?\

La Cootina said...

Wow, what happy, wonderful news! Revlimid is a life-saver, but it's no walk in the park. (On that same note, aspirin or even Coumadin is still better than twice-a-day belly shots.) Best, best wishes for continued good progress.