Saturday, October 04, 2008

The Pacifier Fairy

The Pacifier Fairy paid a visit to our house yesterday. She took all of WCK's pacifiers away and flew off, ready to deliver the pacifiers to little babies around the world. She left exciting toys in place of the pacifiers.

WCK and I had been talking about the impending visit from the Pacifier Fairy for weeks. WCK told me that the green pacifier actually belonged to her stuffed frog, so Froggy should get his own toy that he would "share" with her. I discussed this with the Pacifier Fairy, and she agreed to WCK's terms.

The fairy arrived yesterday during naptime, although newly pacifier-free WCK wasn't actually napping. While I listened to her completely destroy her room upstairs, I lay on the couch and watched an episode of Oprah about how all mothers in America are tired and completely overwhelmed. Obviously these mothers have "standards", such as not allowing their children to trash their bedrooms. Obviously these mothers do not have the help of imaginary fairies.

When "naptime" was over, Froggy got a Land Before Time Chompin' Chomper action figure:

WCK got a Snuggle-Kins wolf pup:

WCK was really happy to see the toys. Once the excitement wore off, however, reality set in. WCK realized that she would NEVER SEE THE PACIFIERS AGAIN. The past 24 hours have been rough. Lots of screaming, not much sleep. I've had to explain over and over that once the fairy takes the pacifiers, she can't bring them back. She's pretty tough, that Pacifier Fairy. You really don't want to mess with her.
This is my top parenting rule: Let fictional characters do your dirty work.


Jen said...

Glad I'm not the only one who lets my children trash their rooms during "rest time" while I sit on the couch and read a book. Oh, and let me know if you find a fictional character that does laundry for you. I will totally sign up for that.

Jen said...

Oh, and I tagged you for a quick MeMe if you have time.

Anonymous said...

I did the "pacifier fairy" with my son (at about age 3 ish..). I thought he'd be going to kindegarten with his "binky". We had a couple of rough days, but then things went back to normal. Hang in there!

Brooke said...

Good job, mom! The pacifier will be long forgotten in no time.

mplsdeanna said...

One time when Tom was about to go to bed, the "ba-bas" were "all gone." Just "all gone." It was indeed a couple of rough days, but then it was all over, and he never looked back. Stay strong!

The Mama Monkey said...

OMG...that same Fairy paid a visit to our house this week, but she needed Pull-Ups. I guess after a trip around the world, she would need to potty at some point.

Congrats on a binky-free home!

Karen's Sister said...

Yay to the "Fire"-free house! Funny thing, WCN was never one for "fires," though she's developed other little addictions along the way. Right now our house is becoming overrun with Carebears. We may have to rent another moving van just to move the growing Care-a-lot colony. And I know what you're saying - "Don't you BUY them for her?" Well yes, some of them. But when you're at the consignment store, and your sweet little 3-year-old comes running up hugging a bear saying, "I love it! I love it! Its my baby." All reason just goes right out the window, especially when the darn little thing is only $1. I never thought I'd hear these words from my husband's mouth, but when he found out that the consignment store had bargains on a mountain of Carebears, he said, "Let's go back and buy them all!"