Saturday, October 25, 2008


I have an ever-evolving relationship with McDonald's. I used to eat there now and again and never thought about it too much. Then, about a year or so before I had WCK, Jay and I watched Supersize Me, and it scared us out of our wits. We did not set foot in a McDonald's until WCK was two years old. We were driving to Iowa and couldn't find anywhere else to stop. Since then, I've realized that McDonald's is actually a really good place, if it is used responsibly. For example, I don't think WCK realizes that they serve fries there, as we always order apple slices with her Happy Meal. I always get one of the big salads, which are exxxxxxcelllent.

We only visit McDonald's for the following reasons:

1. When we need to bribe our child. I know this is wrong, but McDonald's made last week's flu shot a completely painless ordeal.

2. When we travel. This also goes hand-in-hand with the bribery, because sometimes the promise of McDonald's on the road is the only thing that can convince WCK to leave her grandparents' homes. Also, we've discovered some interesting locations. The McDonald's just outside of Rochester, Minnesota, is really fancy and has a reading area, video games, and a giant Happy Meal that kids can climb in. A McDonald's in Mitchell, South Dakota has a robot Ronald that sings to you.

3. When it is a cold and/or rainy day, and I feel like I'll go insane unless I take WCK somewhere she can run and climb for an hour. McDonald's play areas are amazing things.

4. When they're giving away Wizard of Oz toys in the Happy Meals. These are for me.

Still, I have one big issue with McDonald's. Why is it, whenever I order a Happy Meal, the person behind the counter must ask me if I want the "boy toy" or the "girl toy"? Why can't the counterperson just ask if I want the Hello Kitty or the Batman? The Barbie or the toy car? My little girl honestly prefers the toy car. And if a boy wanted the Barbie, more power to him! I don't think a McDonald's worker should stand in his way.


The Mama Monkey said...

I must admit, I like being able to say in public "I want a boy-toy"! :) Don't you think it is kind of funny how it is printed on the receipt as well?

So, if you move to Japan, you can pick your toy! They have 4 toys for each gender at any given time. You order your happy meal and a toy number! Very clever and everyone is happy. In addition, they offer pancakes as a happy meal at all hours! There are some different that green tea milkshake I thought was a Shamrock Shake last March...

I am actually horrified that I know so much about McDs here...I should know more about sushi...

Anonymous said...

You know what I miss - I loved their Asian Chicken salad - WAAY better than the southwest one. And wasn't there a time when grown ups could substitute a side salad for fries (I swear there was) - and then they took it away. I would like to have that option back please!