Monday, October 06, 2008

I have problems. Do you?

My friend Jenifer has tagged me to write a Quirkiness MeMe. This means she wrote a list of her seven weirdest personality quirks on her blog, and now I'm supposed to do the same thing. (Really, Jen, you thinking liking to clean things is a problem? Can you come over and clean my house?)

At first I didn't think I could do this. I didn't think I had any personality quirks. Then I started to really think about it and I realized that, um, I have some real problems:

1. OK, first there is that whole black jellybean addiction.

2. If I see an apostrophe used incorrectly, I nearly become homicidal.

3. I have a firm belief that "Over the Rainbow" was only meant to be sung by Judy Garland. No other versions allowed. If I hear someone else singing it, I become incorrect-apostrophe insane. I've always said that when I become a billionaire, I am buying the rights to "Over the Rainbow", and I am not allowing anyone else to sing it. Maybe we can bring out Liza Minnelli if there is some kind of Rainbow emergency, but that's as far as I am willing to go.

4. When I buy a brand new book or magazine, I hate it if somebody else reads it or even looks through it before I get a chance. Sometimes Jay will pretend to look at one of my new books, just to see me freak out.

5. I have a really strict Christmas policy. Christmas shopping, decorating, music-listening, etc., cannot begin until the day after Thanksgiving and must end immediately on the day after New Year's. Kansas City radio stations start playing Christmas music on Nov. 1, and it just gnaws away at my soul. One time, I got into the car and saw that Jay had been listening to a Christmas station prior to Thanksgiving. We had to have a Serious Talk.

6. I can't sleep without a sleep mask: You know, those little masks that you'd imagine, say, Miss Piggy or Lovey Howell from Gilligan's Island sleeping in. When we first bought our house, our bedroom was really bright in the mornings. Jay got me a little sleep mask sporting a row of ducks swimming above the saying, "Quack off! I'm sleeping!" I soon became addicted to the duck mask. I've gone through tons of them, too. After a while, they even get worn out and the straps fall off, and you can see imprints of where my eyeballs were.

7. My head is filled with lines from movies and from The Simpsons. Often, quoting lines from The Jerk is the only way my sister and I communicate. This isn't as anti-social as it seems, as lines from The Jerk can be applied to most situations in life. Any time I hear somebody say "St. Louis" in any context, I immediately think,"No! Navin Johnson!"

The next step is to tag other people to post their own list of quirks on their own blogs. I tag these guys:

La Cootina


Elizabeth said...

I was just wondering. Don't you think New Year's gets kind of ripped off since it's still OK to listen to Christmas music during that holiday?

Karen's Sister said...

"So if you see a blue car pulling a small church... yep, that's the one." You never know when inspiration will strike. This weekend when I was driving from Ames to Jacksonville, I stopped at a gas station where the credit card machines were down. I made some comment about how "its just like back in the olden days when we actually had to go inside the gas station to pay." Then the guy behind me says, "No, in the real olden days if you used a credit card, they had to look the number up in a book to make sure it wasn't stolen. And I immediately thought of you, "Mrs.Nusbaum."

Jen said...

Totally agree on the holidays. And next time I get stressed and need to clean, I will definitely let you know.