Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Beware the church van

My last post was about talking to a newly diagnosed myeloma patient on the phone. He had a lot of questions, of course, and one of them was this: "How long do the doctors say you're going to live?" Nobody has ever asked me that since my diagnosis, but in the past few days, I've gotten several e-mails from a bunch of other newly diagnosed people also asking about how long I'm going to live.

No doctor has ever told me, and I've never asked. I don't really want to know. I don't believe in the three-year statistic, because, well, that means I am going to die next month, and I'd be really cranky if I missed the New Kids on the Block concert.

Dr. GPO is overwhelmingly positive about my lifespan. He once told me that I would never die of myeloma. "You'll probably get run over by a church van before you die of myeloma, " he said.

That made me feel a lot better about the myeloma, but now I'm a little bit afraid of church vans.


Anonymous said...

Karen ,
I really appreciate this post , since My diagnosis and my predicted demise in one year , I have never asked . That was over 2and a half years ago ,I am on my way to work right now pain free and no one at work knows I have cancer.I hope You have a great day

Nancy Joy said...

I think most of my support group are 5+ years beyond their diagnosis. And I met a woman who was diagnosed 15 years ago. (I don't know when her SCT was, but I know she had one.) I also thought about it when I was newly diagnosed, but it doesn't seem to matter now. I'm more concerned with quality of life than quantity, and my ability to continue putting one foot in front of the other trumps someone's arbitrary guess.

Phil said...

Shoot….my church just bought a huge van to hall all the goodies they take to share with the homeless folks in Ann Arbor on Friday nights. I am considering staying in my house every Friday night from now on or until there are no more homeless folks in need of food on Friday nights. By the way, I am Phil, I was diagnosed with MM on 8/8/08, just a day after my 28th birthday….lucky me. Thanks for the heads up on the church van...I'll keep on the look out. -Phil