Thursday, September 11, 2008

Two months to go ...

This month's New Kids tribute comes with exciting news: I've succeeded in brainwashing my child and making her almost as dorky as I am. Someday she's going to realize what I've done and refuse to come home for family Thanksgivings.

WCK is highly suspicious of any CD that is not Mr. Stinky Feet. I tried to sneak my New Kids on the Block CD into the car CD player without her noticing. (This would be the harmless "Greatest Hits" CD, not the raunchy new CD, which would probably be more brain-damaging than Dr. Laura) WCK, of course, saw what I was doing.

"Mommy," she said irritably, "is that New Kids on the Block?"

"Just give it a chance," I told her.

She listened quietly for a minute.

"I want it louder," she said. That's my girl!

When we got into the car the next morning, she said, "I want the one that goes, 'Oh, oh, oh, oh.'"

Hmm. This narrows it down to about 99 percent of the songs on the CD.

"The one that goes, 'Ooooh, baby'", she added.

Again, "Oooooh, baby" does not narrow it down.

I finally figured out that she wanted "Step by Step". I cranked it up, and off to preschool we went. Enjoy:


dad said...

Remember the buffer or I will give WCK the shark nose.

pete's wife said...

LOL!!!!!!!!! That's awesome!!!!!