Thursday, September 25, 2008

Stay away from Supergirl

On Tuesday, WCK accidentally brought home the wrong artwork from preschool. The picture she brought home actually belonged to a girl I'll call "Supergirl". We knew that it belonged to Supergirl, because she had clearly written HER OWN NAME across the top of the paper. In addition, she'd colored everything on the page very neatly inside the lines.

Jay and I stared at this paper in wonder. We could not believe someone in WCK's class could write her own name. Is this the norm? WCK will usually make one teeny mark on a piece of paper and claim that it's a tree, or the letter A, or a kitty, or a dinosaur. Some days she acts like she doesn't even know her own name. "My name is Mr. Stinky Feet," she'll tell us. (Other days, her name could be Pooh Bear or Owl or T-Rex)

This morning when I dropped off WCK, I mentioned to the teacher that we had Supergirl's artwork in the backpack. "You know," I added, "the Supergirl who can WRITE HER OWN NAME."

The teacher explained that Supergirl is much older than the rest of the children. She must have a birthday right after the Aug. 1 cutoff. This had me feeling much better, until I realized that I'm going to have to keep WCK away from Supergirl in the years to come. You know, Supergirl is going to be the first one in her class who can drive all of her classmates around in a car, or buy tickets to R-rated movies for everybody, or be the designated beer-buyer in college.

Now that I think about it, several of my friends in high school had fall birthdays. Maybe that's why I hung out with them.


Diane, Nick, and Maren said...

Didn't you hear? It is all the rage now to purposely hold your child back in school. Lots of people are waiting until their child has turned 6 to even start kindergarten (I think you and I were barely 5). This way they don't have to work as hard in school and can be the biggest kid on the sports team.

Jen said...

Hey! I had a fall birthday - and I am quite sure that you were friends with me because I am a truly wonderful person.

Anonymous said...

Want to say thank you for your humor - my very best friend in the whole world used to regularly visit your site and she loved that you could usually make her laugh. Sadly, Joanie died from her cancer beast not too long ago. Like you, and me, she was a young Mom fighting this bitchy disease to raise her babies. Keep up the fight -

Penny Hadgeoff
Beaufort, SC