Friday, September 05, 2008

Scientific American

WCK's new favorite TV show (at least for this week) is Sid the Science Kid:

It meets all of the criteria for a good show: It's really cute, it's highly educational, it's fairly non-annoying, and it keeps her attention long enough for me to go take a shower. I'm also grateful that her favorite show (at least for this week) is no longer Dragon Tales. That show gives me the creeps. Look how creepy:

Anyway, every episode of Sid covers a different scientific topic, such as how to use a magnifying glass (which WCK calls a "magazine-fying glass"), how to make a chart, how to measure things, and so on. A couple of days ago, the topic was estimating. Sid had a big jar of sea shells, and he learned how to accurately guess how many were in the jar without actually counting them. (Exactly how he did this, I'm not really sure. I was in the shower.)

After WCK watched this episode, she walked up to a big basket filled with her shoes and said, "I don't know how many shoes I have. I am going to make a guess."

She guessed 14. I counted the shoes and -- my child is a GENIUS -- found there were 15. Of course, this finding leads to many more scientific questions:

1) Why do we have an uneven number of shoes?
2) Why does my three-year-old need seven and a half pairs of shoes?
3) Why?
4) No, really, why? There is only one pair that she will actually wear. Two if you count the Ruby Slippers she uses for dress-up.

I plan to fully investigate the answers to these questions ... as soon as I get out of the shower.


Abigail said...

It's a good job that she lost interest in Dragontales as PBS has stopped airing it at 8.30am and replaced it with Clifford, the Big Red Dog (much creepier if you ask me).

Diane, Nick, and Maren said...

I am still in tears over the disappearance of Mr. Rogers. Maren loves Super Why (it's the only show she watches). I used to dislike it, but it has grown on me, and Maren is much more interested in reading since she started watching it.

Sandra said...

Yes, Sid has become a favorite in our house, too. He makes us late for daycare.

I'm always cynical of thew PBS Kids lineup each season, but always find new stuff I like. Er, I mean, he likes.

But Mr. Rogers does need to have a permanent presence in the lineup.