Saturday, September 06, 2008

Prairie Home Obama?

WCK is obsessed with Barack Obama. I SWEAR she came up with this obsession on her own, although I don't expect anyone to believe me.

About a month or two ago, she pointed at the newspaper one morning and told me to "find Obama." I found a photo of him and set it next to her plate, and she ate breakfast while gazing at him lovingly. Now we have to find him every morning or she won't eat. One day there wasn't a photo of Obama anywhere in the paper, so I gave her a Garrison Keillor column with his photo above it. She enjoyed that just as well.

There have been rough mornings: Once I couldn't find Obama OR Garrison Keillor, so she had to look at a banana from a Hy-Vee ad.

Today, though, the opinion page had a photo of Obama AND Garrison Keillor, and she was practically vibrating with joy.

I found out there's a Democratic Party headquarters right by our house, so I took WCK over there to get a sign for our yard. I also bought WCK a big button with a picture of Obama on it, thinking she'd be thrilled. We got into the car, and she studied the button.

"Can I get a Garrison Keillor button instead?" she asked.



Kat said...

You'd better hope that Obama wins so getting her daily fix won't be so difficult! I'm hoping for her also!

Karen's Sister said...

Do you guys listen to Garrison Keillor's Writer's Almanac every morning on NPR? WCK might not get it, but its still Garrison speaking in his soft, folksey way about people who write (or wrote) for a living. Kinda fun!

Sunshine said...

A lot of people better hope Obama wins. We certainly do.
Good job WCK !!