Monday, September 29, 2008

Erin Go Bra!

We went to South Dakota over the weekend to visit Jay's family. On Sunday, we were able to participate in South Dakota's first Susan G. Komen Race for the Cure with a lot of Jay's family members, including his Aunt Mary, who is a breast cancer survivor! Woo!

Jay's sister had the task of coming up with a good name for our team. She noticed that a lot of the team names, like everything else in the world these days, were centered around breasts. There was "The Breast Team Ever" and my absolute favorite, "These Boobs Were Made For Walkin'". We also saw a group of women wearing t-shirts that said, "Save the Ta Tas" and a group of fraternity guys wearing shirts that proclaimed "PHI DELTS (HEART SYMBOL) BOOBS!"

I'm sure their love of boobs is purely scientific.

Anyway, since everyone on our team is Irish, the name of our team was "Erin Go Bra". Heh. Erin Go Bra did very well, in that everyone crossed the finish line eventually. Here is a photo I took from the very back of the crowd as we finished. Those of you familiar with Vermillion will recognize the luxurious Prairie Inn as we make our way to the Dome:

I decided that if I ever get a team together for a myeloma run/walk, the name of our team will be "The Dexy Midnight Runners."


mplsdeanna said...

The 3-Day just happened up here last weekend. One team was named "Hakuna Ma-Ta-Tas." HA!

Karen's Sister said...

Count me in for the Dexy Midnight Runners! What will the T-Shirt look like?