Thursday, August 21, 2008


I got the call: My M-spike is 1.6. Last month it was 1.5. All of my other numbers look good. My Beta-2 Microglobulin (a big indicator of myeloma activity) is a low, low, low 0.9. My IgG is 1440, which is NORMAL. It was 1520 when it was last tested in June. That sucker was well over 5000 back in the day.

Of course, as anal-retentive as I am about that M-spike, I had a brief, minor panic when I heard the nurse say 1.6. Then I took the time to think it over and remember that in the world of M-spikes, a movement of .1 doesn't really mean anything, especially when all of the other numbers are so good. Well, unless it had gone down .1. Then I'd be dancing around singing, "Woo! My M-spike is down!" I asked the nurse if she would consider me stable enough to take a dex break. She said she'd have to ask a doctor (Dr. GPO is still out of town) and call me back.

I'm sure they'll say I'm stable. I'm sure.

P.S.: Everybody go check out this new myeloma blog. It is fabulous.

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