Saturday, August 16, 2008

Meanwhile, back at the Cancer Center ...

I had my monthly appointment yesterday. Dr. GPO was out of town, so I met with one of the nurse practitioners instead. She was around my age, very nice and very thorough. I liked her a lot. I almost started feeling bad that I didn't have any of the horrible symptoms she was asking me about, because I could tell she really wanted to help me out with something. She seemed surprised that there was nothing wrong with me. Maybe I should have tried to fake a tumor on my spine. At the very least, I could have tried Ferris Bueller's patented cold and clammy hands. Maybe next time.

Anyway, my CBC and INR were good; I'll get the rest of the results this coming week. If these test results are stable (drum roll), I get to take a dex break! Woo! Everybody cross your fingers that Spike is behaving himself.

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