Friday, August 22, 2008

Homework assignment

I'm happy to say that the second day of preschool went just as well as the first. WCK was happy to get out of the car and go with her teacher, and she was still in a cheerful mood when I came to pick her up. From what I can gather, she really likes school, although it is hard to get her to tell me all of the details about her day. I usually bombard her with questions as soon as she gets into the car (What story did you read? What did you have for snack? What songs did you sing?), and she'll answer one or two of them before telling me in an annoyed voice, "Mommy, we will talk about this when we get home."

When we get home, she still doesn't want to tell me much, so I have to piece things together. On Tuesday, I asked her if she knew the names of any of the kids in her class, and she said she didn't remember. Later, she was playing with a ball and told me the ball's name was "Madison." I asked if Madison was a friend from her class. She said no. Yesterday, when I picked her up, I noticed the official car line sign in the window of the car behind me said "MADISON." Ah. Then WCK walked out of the school holding hands with a sweet little girl who was, indeed, the famous Madison. There's one mystery solved.

Anyway, WCK has her first official homework assignment. It was actually very challenging for me, which is a little disturbing considering I am 30 years older than the people who are expected to complete this assignment. Next week, the class will be discussing shapes. Half of the class has to bring in two household objects shaped like circles. The other half -- WCK's half -- has to bring in two household objects shaped like triangles.

Do you know how many household objects are shaped like triangles? Zero!

I never realized it until now, but we live in a completely triangle-free home. Look around you. Do you see any triangles? No! You don't! The circle people got off easy. Everything is shaped like a circle. Grab a plate and the lid from a tub of butter and you're good to go. Triangles take much more effort. I was ready to give up and send her to school with a stale tortilla chip and a slice of cold pizza. We finally started digging through her toys and found a sailboat with a triangle-shaped sail, a triangle-shaped wedge of plastic cheese, and, well, an actual triangle. You know, the musical instrument that you tap with a little metal stick.

I think we'll go with the sailboat and the cheese, because I'm sure everybody is going to bring in a musical triangle. I can't really blame them. We lucked out by finding the cheese. I'd love to know what other triangular objects the other parents found, but I'm sure WCK won't tell me.


Kathy from NJ said...

Some pie servers are sort of triangle-ish.

Jay's Mom said...

The flap on a greeting card envelope is often triangular. You and Jay might enjoy reading "The Greedy Triangle" book next time you go to the library. It's more for elementary age children than WCK, but it would help you brush up on your shapes!

Anonymous said...

My oldest, Charlie, is the same way after I pick him up from preschool. I am glad he's not the only one. I was starting to take his attitued personally.
Jennifer B.

CB said...

Just found your blog. I'm grateful for your willingness to allow us a peek into your life. Thank you.

And you're right... I've been looking around this room for 5 minutes and there is not one triangle in here. Not ONE.

La Cootina said...

Yep, just a few Doritos, that's it! Send me a quick note when you have a moment; I'd like to pester you with a few more questions. ;D
LaCootina (at) gmail (dot) com. Thanks!

CB said...

Thanks for the encouragement... you're right, "smoldering" sounds a lot cooler than it actually is in this case. I'd love to connect via email if you get a moment and wouldn't mind a few questions from the MM newbies. =)

cassiebrabbs (at) gmail (dot) com

Kathy from NJ said...

Also, my chef's knife is sort of a right angle triangle, but the school may frown on knives. Maybe a photo of a knife?

Anonymous said...

Karen ,
You should really send her with the musical triangle
nobody has these , and it would be a big hit.
In the history of school and kids, No kid ever wanted to talk about what they do there .

Anonymous said...

my son also came home from school and had to wright a list of things in the house with a triangle we looked for a while and came up with Dairylea triangle, the bottom of a iron,hash brown,exercise bike seat there realy isnt that much