Sunday, August 17, 2008

The fan letter

We've been trying to impress upon WCK that all of her heroes use the potty all the time. You know: really important people such as Cinderella, Dorothy, and the Scarecrow. I'm sure that Dorothy and the Scarecrow looked for port-a-potties along the Yellow Brick Road instead of going in their pants. I'm sure that Cinderella has about 100 bathrooms in her castle and never forgets to flush. WCK seems pretty impressed by this.

Her biggest hero these days is local children's performer Mr. Stinky Feet:

The other night, WCK asked us if Mr. Stinky Feeet uses the potty all the time. Jay and I pretended to have a serious discussion about it: "Do you think Mr. Stinky Feet uses the potty?" "Hmm, you know, I bet he does." "Really? Do you think so?" "Oh, I'm pretty sure.", etc, etc.

WCK announced that she was going to write a letter to Mr. Stinky Feet.

"What are you going to say?" I asked.

"Dear Mr. Stinky Feet," WCK said earnestly. "Do you poop? Love, WCK."

I laughed so hard that it took about five minutes before I was able to breathe or get up off the floor.

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The Mama Monkey said...

OMG if Mr Stinky feet can make her potty in the toilet, please let me know! My DD (who is 3) cannot go to preschool this year b/c she is not potty trained. M&M' cream...pretty princess undies...nothing works. I am desperate...she is beyond bribery! I have an alien child...