Thursday, July 10, 2008

Strike up the band

Yesterday morning was crisp, cool and breezy -- anti-mosquito weather. They were all asleep in the Mosquito Lair, so we were able to make a successful hike to Bass Lake. Back in the Olden Times (2002), when Jay and I were young, childless, and in really good shape, we hiked the rugged, six-mile loop all the way around this lake. Nowadays, we're hiking with someone who walks at about .00001 miles per hour and stops to inspect every rock, leaf, twig, and pine needle molecule along the way, so we did about a mile on an easy, flat path. It was still a good time. We saw two deer.

Today we explored downtown Ely, which is filled with gift shops. I told WCK she could pick out ONE THING. She finally decided that her ONE THING would be ... a drum. It's a small, Native-American-style drum that cost, like, five bucks, and it didn't come with drumsticks. OK, I thought. She'll just tap it with her hands. It won't be too annoying.

We paid for the drum and started walking away, but the salesgirl stopped us.

"Wait!" she said. "Those drums come with sticks." She pulled a set of big drumsticks from beneath the counter. "We keep them back here because we don't want to listen to the kids pounding on the drums all day."

Oh. Thanks.

WCK's eyes lit up at the sight of the sticks.

"I'm going to start a band," she said.


Karen's Mom said...

Did you ever see an episode of I Love Lucy where Little Ricky got a set of drums? The only thing he could play was a continuous:


Fred Mertz started wearing earplugs, so in order to get his attention Ethel yelled:


Your grandparents laughed about that for years.


Sunshine said...

Mosquitoes and a drum!! Hope you are having a good day.
Thanks for writing: You are the best entertainment.