Monday, July 07, 2008

When mosquitoes attack

WCK is back to her old sleeping schedule, so she's being agreeable again -- agreeable by three-year-old standards, that is. Yesterday we had the following exchange:

ME: It's time to go into the bathroom to go pee.
WCK: (Exasperated) But I just went pee YESTERDAY!

We spent yesterday relaxing around the cabin, splashing in the lake, and grilling. WCK tasted her first smore and was very pleased. I think there are more smores in her future.

This morning, we tried to go hiking on some trails in the woods, but we were thwarted by angry mosquitoes. We brought along insect repellent, of course, but it was cutesy, foofy insect repellent that has a pleasant smell and is supposed to be completely safe for toddlers. Apparently, it is also completely safe for mosquitoes. This stuff might work, say, if you were sitting on the deck of your home in the middle of the city and were trying to keep away a single gnat. Here in the north woods, however, the mosquitoes are hardy, street-wise creatures who drink this brand of repellent for breakfast. They're highly intelligent and attack as a team, like the velicoraptors in Jurassic Park. We could clearly hear them laughing as they surrounded our child and attempted to carry her off to their Secret Evil Mosquito Lair. It would not have been difficult, considering most of them outweighed her.

We quickly retreated to our (somewhat) mosquito-free cabin. You've won this battle, mosquitoes, but the war isn't over.


Kim M. said...

Sorry to bug you on vacation. I just wanted to let you know the insect population is all abuzz about your selfless acts trying to feed the entire Minnesota mosquito population while on vacation. There's even talk of an insectitarian of the year nomination. It's a huge deal, if you win you'd have swarms of fans.

Jen said...

Yeah I always think that I am really the camping-hiking-back-to-nature type (stop laughing!) until the mosquitos show up. Then I realize I am really the TIVO-air conditioning type.
Glad you are having fun, though!!! We missed you at the birthday party!

David E said...

Karen - this reminds me of a shrot story my friend Peter wrote about the gangs of squirrels in mid-town KC....references to the Jets and Sharks, mimicking his attempt to protect his protect his prized veggies!