Sunday, July 20, 2008

Time for an intervention

"Summertime" is still stuck in my head. I think I'm inches away from mental illness. Even WCK recognizes that her mother has a serious problem. Yesterday, when I was absentmindedly singing it to myself, she decided that we needed to sit down and have an important talk.

"Mommy," she said soberly, "the New Kids on the Block ARE NOT as good as Mr. Stinky Feet."

Deep down in my heart, I know she is right.


Anonymous said...

I, for one, am glad that you wrote this post because it means that the video is not the first thing I see when I load your page. I try to avoid the urge to click play but am ultimately powerless.

Who knows, in 30 years WCK could be pulling out a vintage Mr Stinky Feet t-shirt and going to his revival tour.

mplsdeanna said...

To get rid of a song, do math in your head. It usually works for me. (Make it something hard, like multiplication of two two-digit numbers.)

Karen's mom said... could call your mother who will burst into song with other versions of "Summer Time."

Gershwin - Summer tiiiiiiiime - and the livin' is eeeeeeeeeasy!

Early Rock - It's summer time, summer time, sum-sum-summer time, summer ti-i-i-i-ime! Buh-daw-bup!


Jen said...

I can't even bring myself to watch the video...simply reading your New Kids posts caused "Step-by-Step" to be stuck in my head. Off to try this math tip...